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The Art of

Modern Investment 

Use Experience to create the Future


The most Detailed Space & 3D paintings by Sebastian Vanzen

We have selected Sebastian Vanzen as a leading artist in our portfolio, simply because he is becoming the most valued living artist and will be remembered as the greatest oil painter of our time

He has created a unique set of techniques for oil painting. The paintings exceed all expectations of art lovers.

And there is more. Due to the macro approach, each square inch offers a breathtaking deepspace experience and investment opportunity.  

Physical Art enters Blockchain Space

We are developing a blockchain based platform that will offer unique services to art owners.

Art as an opportunity

We create new opportunities by connecting global impact B2B projects. We offer scalability never seen before. 

Global impact 

Our partners have a global impact and are active in many industry sectors. Each holds a valuable token made by Sebastian Vanzen. 

Live experience 

We do things differently. You will know how by attending our Events. 


Unprecedented Detail. 

Spot on Timing.

The Time is now

Every era has its key actors that are remembered in the future. People that leave a Heritage to their descendants. To mankind.

It is up to you to decide for yourself if you want to be part of such a story in modern history.

Being physical is what makes us human. NFTs and Blockchain are digital. We found a way to offer the best of both worlds and offer physical masterpieces and their tokenization at the same time. You can choose your way or go both ways at the same time. 


The Square Place 9th




Physical Paintings


Launch price

Growth potential



Our Partners

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I see investing in art as an integral part of my personal strategy.
One of the artists, who in my opinion will indelibly go down in history, appeals to me especially with the strong story and perseverance with which he created and developed his painting techniques.
Thanks to his talent and unusual life experiences, he managed to develop these techniques, thus offering us art lovers a completely new and innovative way of perceiving details. Their aesthetics are breathtaking, as is the choice of color compositions.
In addition to artistic experiences, Sebastian Vanzen's paintings offer great investment potential, also thanks to his global connections, activities and projects of global significance.

Pavel Ryba
founder of Golden Gate, investor and art collector 

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