The World of Chaos

Aktualizováno: 16. 9. 2021

Unique oil in canvas masterpiece by Sebastian Vanzen. Year of production 2020.

The upper layers are applied to layers that each had to dry for six months before the upper layers could be done. This technique is specific to Sebastian Vanzen as it creates very specific relief. Since gold oil paint as it is not capable of holding a form itself, it is applied on top of the background layers. The specialty of this particular painting is also that it does not contain any 3D structured single details on top. Despite this fact the painting is very 3D. Drying time is approximated to 3.5 years. This physical piece comes in a set with a its digital twin. Currently located in Miami (FL).

170 cm x 100 cm with frame.

“This piece is very different from the typical production of Sebastian Vanzen, therefore is of a higher value today and tomorrow.”

Printable details

Since most Sebastian Vanzen paintings are created with Focus to detail, we have taken macro shot of some of them for you. They can be sold separately on our Fractionized(tm) platform.

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