Universe One

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Breakthrough oil on canvas by Sebastian Vanzen. Year of production 2021.

This painting marks the start of a new era. It is the first hyper-realistic oil on canvas painting of the Universe. You will be amazed by the amount of detail of this painting. It needs special lighting to reveal its beauty. The author used a new set of techniques when creating this Masterpiece.

The mesmerizing details were captured on a high definition macro camera to create a breathtaking video sequence and UHD photos.

“Do you want the first hyper-realistic painting in terms of techniques used and second after The Big Bang, which was the first space oil painting by Sebastian Vanzen?

Watch a video

Digital prints

This painting allows for printing its details in high resolution. It comes bundled with one digital and physical NFT. The physical one is signed and fingerprinted.

These macro details can be traded as separate digital or physical NFTs.

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