Our Mission

Our mission is to do continue to excel so that Sebastian Vanzen will be remembered as the brightest comet of our age. 

The Round square was founded by Adam Svrcina, a dedicated self-made man in sales and marketing. After 15 years of excellence in the field of medical imaging marketing and sales, he sold his businesses and transformed his company to provide support to an extraordinary man and his project. To accelerate Sebastian Vanzen`s journey to become the #1 artist in the world, therefore carrying enormous investment potential and consequently political powers bound to the nature of the project that breaks all barriers. 

Thanks to not only our experience and global partnerships but also to the possibilities of modern technologies, we will not only succeed, but we will also succeed very fast. 

Adam Svrcina.jpg

The emersion and evolution of Blockchain technologies enabled us to innovate in the world of NFTs and invest in the Blockchain to develop a Premier NFT platform.


We invest to create a new platform with a revolutionary scanning technology for Fine art identification/certification/verification/validation/minting process with functionalities for fine art transport companies, artists, art collectors and galleries. We will also enable crowdfunding, auctioning, sharing, leasing and DeFi  through Blockchain decentralized and trusted technology. 

Collateral effects